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  • January 2018 Diagnostics Report Issue 2
  • November 2017 Diagnostics Report Issue 1
  • May 15, 2018. Dr. Mickey S. Urdea, a diagnostics entrepreneur and founding partner at Halteres Associates, will present “Why Do Diagnostics Companies Fail?” to the QB3 & the Rosenman Institute at the University of California, San Francisco on May 15, 2018. Over the last decade, several diagnostics companies that initially appeared to be on a path to success ultimately failed. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation asked Halteres to study the phenomenon. Classifying 28 companies as "Successes," "Failures," and "Zombies," the firm found that key indicators of success or failure emerged as companies drove their concepts toward commercialization.
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Maximizing Value

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Portfolio Planning

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Informatics in Molecular Medicine

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The Role of Impact Modeling

Establishing the “value” in high-value diagnostics. Learn More

Delivering Diagnostics for Global Health

Understanding needs and developing diagnostic solutions that improve linkage to care in low resource settings. Learn More

Point of Care Testing

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Consumer Digital and Mobile Health

Understanding regulatory, payment and education challenges in the consumer digital health space. Learn More