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July 30 - August 3, 2017. Dr. Mickey S. Urdea and Mr. Richard M. Thayer will attend the 69th AACC Annual Scientific Meeting & Clinical Lab Expo in San Diego, California. The American Association of Clinical Chemists (AACC) brings together the world of laboratory medicine to exchange best practices, learn about the latest biomedical science, and network with like-minded professionals from across the globe.

July 23-26, 2017. Dr. Mickey S. Urdea will attend the 9th IAS Conference on HIV Science in Paris, France. Organized by the International AIDS Society (IAS) in partnership with the ANRS (France Recherche Nord & Sud Sida-HIV Hèpatites), IAS 2017 will serve as the platform to showcase the key research of the year. This biennial gathering is the largest open scientific conference on HIV and AIDS related issues - bringing together a broad cross-section of more than 6,000 professionals from around the world to meet and examine the latest scientific developments in HIV-related research with a focus on moving science into practice and policy.

May 31 - June, 2017. Dr. Mickey S. Urdea and Dr. Laura T. Mazzola will present and coordinate workshops at the 1st South African HIV Self-Testing Symposium in Johannesburg, South Africa. This meeting is convened by the South African National Department of Health through secretariat assistance from the Wits Reproductive Health and HIV Institute and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

May 16 - 17, 2017. Rich Thayer is an invited speaker at “The Maloney Entrepreneur's Workshop: The Journey From Discovery to Reality” at Washington State University Pullman Campus College of Veterinary Medicine, Pullman, WA.

March 30-31, 2017, Geneva Switzerland, WHO Headquarters — Dr. Mickey Urdea of Halteres Associates, participated in the “Joint WHO/UNITAID Consultation with Diagnostic Manufacturers on Global Demand Forecasts for Diagnostics”

February 19-24, 2017, San Francisco CA — 24th CHI Molecular Tri-Con 2017, Dr. Urdea spoke at the meeting.

February 14, 2017, Dr. Mickey Urdea of Halteres Associates, was a panelist on The Association for Pathology Informatics (API) and Sunquest Information Systems “Consumerism in Diagnostics: Retail Testing and the Future of Providers” Webcast session on February 14th at 2:00 pm (ET).

February 12, 2017, Dr. Mickey Urdea of Halteres Associates, attended the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation convening on HIV Self-Testing on Sunday February 12, 2017.

February 12, 2017, Dr. Mickey Urdea of Halteres Associates, attended the UNITAID pre-CROI event, Partnership for ART Optimisation at the Washington State Convention Center.


November 10-12, 2016, Charlotte, NC — Association for Molecular Pathology (AMP) Annual meeting, Halteres attended

July 18-22, 2016, Durban, South Africa — 21st International AIDS Conference, Halteres attended

June 13-17, 2016, Montreal, Quebec — Global Health Diagnostics Course, McGill University, Halteres attended

March 6-11, 2016, San Francisco, CA — 23rd CHI Molecular Tri-Conference, Halteres hosted a “Point-of-Care Diagnostics” seminar

March 7, 2016, San Francisco, CA — UCSF Symposium, “Preparedness for the Zika Virus: A Public Health Emergency”, Halteres attended


November 9-10, 2015, Bethesda, MD — IEEE EMBS Strategic Conference on Point of Care Technologies for Precision Medicine. Halteres presenting at the “Point of Care Business Models and Future Trends” session.

July 29, 2015, Atlanta, GA — American Association of Clinical Chemistry (AACC) Annual Meeting & Clinical Lab Expo. Halteres presented at “Convergence of Global Point-of-Care Diagnostic Needs” symposium.

June 8, 2015, Geneva, Switzerland—Halteres participated in the WHO Global Consultation on Diagnostics Interoperability Standards Meeting

May 29, 2015, San Francisco, CA — Mickey Urdea awarded the UCSF 150th Anniversary Alumni Excellence Award. Dr. Urdea was one of 150 award recipients.

May 18-19, 2015 Geneva, Switzerland—Halteres participated in the Point-of-Care Diagnostics Evaluations: Partners Synergy Meeting (II), co-sponsored by UNITAID and WHO

April 21, 2015, San Francisco, CA — Halteres presented at the Ebola Innovation Summit: 21st Century Tools to Tackle Ebola and Improve Health.

March 28, 2015, Santa Clara, CA — Halteres attended EPPICon 2015. Dr. Urdea was a panel moderator for: Innovations in Devices/Diagnostics


November 2014, Jaipur, India—Halteres attended the CHAI Supplier/Buyer Summit

October 13-15, 2014, Barcelona, Spain—Halteres presented at the WHO Working Group on HIV Incidence Assays Meeting, Presentation: Use Cases for HIV Incidence Assays

June 23-25, 2014, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania—Halteres participated in the African Society of Medicine HIV Consultative Meeting

Feb 14, 2014, San Francisco, CA—Halteres presented at the Molecular Tri Conference “Point of Care Testing (POCT): The Time is Now” session. Presentation: Why emerging markets are driving advancements in POCT and how developed markets are likely to benefit