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Global Health

Halteres Associates has an unbridled passion for global health, and their relationships in the global health community allow them to bolster non-governmental organizations’ ability to provide quality diagnostic testing worldwide.


Halteres Associates assists investment firms and venture capital groups in deciding what technologies and companies to invest in, and which to avoid.

Multinational Corporations

Halteres Associates brings their industry expertise to companies working in diagnostics, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, instrumentation, new technologies, and other emerging markets to help them expand their offerings and solidify the offerings they have.


Halteres Associates helps strengthen public and private startups at all phases in their development by alerting them of potential landmines ahead, guiding them through each of their fundraising stages, and providing support on the most difficult obstacles facing a young company.

COVID-19 Tools

Video Production Services

Management Team

We are committed to client success, and ask ourselves:

“If we were the management team of this organization, what would we need to know to make good decisions?”

  1. We are passionate about improving global healthcare and the practice of medicine, pursuing solutions that resolve unmet needs and improve accessibility for everyone.
  2. We form customized consulting teams and bring cutting edge solutions to best serve the unique needs of each client.
  3. Our team members are professionals with many years of operating experience in early and mid-stage companies, large multinationals, and non-profit organizations, enabling us to offer practical solutions to our clients.
  4. Our goal is to enable the client to proceed independently and sustainably, not to create perpetual consulting relationships.
  5. We understand value creation and the realization of that value through product sales, investments, partnerships and, most of all, healthcare improvements worldwide.

Latest News

Mickey Urdea is pleased to be delivering an in-person keynote presentation at the ASU Diagnostics Summit next week on Thursday, October 27th at the ASU Health Futures Center in Phoenix, Arizona (and on Zoom). The summit brings together leaders from academia, industry, and government to discuss, debate, and decide the issues most relevant to diagnostics. The meeting will explore the following topics in the field of diagnostics:

  • How does diagnostic regulation and reimbursement change for at-home testing?
  • Where does intellectual property for diagnostics go in the future?
  • Living in a post-COVID-19 world: What role does diagnostics play?


Register HERE to attend via Zoom or in-person!


Halteres Associates will be represented at the “28th AACC International CPOCT Symposium: Meeting Evolving Patient Needs Using Point-of-Care Testing” in Montreal, Canada, from September 21st – 23rd! The symposium promises to deliver stimulating discussions on the latest science and cutting-edge technological advances through a keynote lecture, scientific sessions, panel discussions, and interactive poster receptions. Register to join us here:

Diagnostics Demystified By New “It’s Not Magic, It’s Diagnostics” Campaign

Halteres Associates marks their 20th anniversary by launching a new website to educate the public about diagnostic testing through advancing industry innovation

SAN RAMON, Calif. – July 21, 2022 – Halteres Associates today announced the launch of their new “It’s Not Magic, It’s Diagnostics” website, a resource developed by the firm to advocate for the diagnostics and clinical laboratory industries and raise awareness about the important role diagnostic testing plays (alongside therapeutics and vaccines) in a fully advantaged healthcare system. The website is a first-of-its-kind resource center for tools and educational content related to the diagnostics industry gleaned from decades of combined experience.

“The COVID-19 pandemic brought significant new attention to the diagnostics industry and the public has become exponentially more familiar with the important role this industry plays in our lives every day,” said Halteres Associates’ managing partner Rich Thayer. “As champions of the diagnostics field, our mission is to continue to educate the public (including policymakers, funders, governments, industry participants, developers, and manufacturers) while also supporting and elevating the companies and processes that enable us all to continue to innovate. Without diagnostics, advances in healthcare would stand still.”

According to the CDC, 70% of today’s medical decisions depend on laboratory test results and 14 billion laboratory tests are ordered annually in the U.S. alone.

As a preeminent advisory company to the industry, Halteres Associates is hired by and collaborates with global health partners, investors, and bioscience companies all stages of their business lifecycle, providing strategic and tactical services in the areas of diagnostics, medical devices, and life science research.

In addition to educational video content, the “It’s Not Magic, It’s Diagnostics” website is making available a set of tools for identifying and designing tests for SARS-CoV-2, including storyboards and use cases.  Developed by the experienced team at Halteres Associates to help solve some of the bottlenecks encountered during the rollout of effective testing for the COVID-19 pandemic, the tools could be adapted for use in the next pandemic and potentially all infectious diseases.

“Over the last several years, we’ve been able to recognize the common factors in successful products that are developed to meet diagnostics needs,” said Halteres Associates’ founding partner Mickey Urdea. “The tools we’ve made available are free-to-use and will enable companies to better understand unmet market needs and to design diagnostic products that meet those needs.”

The “It’s Not Magic, It’s Diagnostics” website also features the premiere of an ongoing video series of the same name. The first animated video, “Answering Life’s Most Important Questions,” examines the ubiquity and vital importance of diagnostics in our everyday lives. Future topics aim to highlight the requisite foundational knowledge behind diagnostic testing and to illustrate how much the industry continues to evolve.

About Halteres Associates

Founded in 2002, San Ramon-based Halteres Associates, LLC, provides strategic and tactical consulting services to organizations in the areas of diagnostics, global health, medical devices, and life science research. With decades of combined experience and leveraging a robust network of industry professionals across multiple disciplines, Halteres Associates assists organizations with technology and product mapping, opportunity and economic analyses, business modeling, and more.  Their clients include large multinational companies, global nongovernmental organizations, and emerging industry innovators.

About It’s Not Magic, It’s Diagnostics

Launched in 2022, “It’s Not Magic, It’s Diagnostics” is an industry-serving website and platform for educating and supporting both the general public and innovators in the diagnostics sector. The website, developed and maintained by Halteres Associates, is a resource center providing tools related to the diagnostics industry, and sharing the latest advances in diagnostic technology. The mission of the website is to promote positive outcomes for the diagnostics industry as a whole.

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Halteres Associates has published a new article blending Darwin’s “On the Origin of Species” with video production in biotech - “Pivot to Video: On The Origin of Views by Means of Video, or the Preservation of Favoured Companies in the Struggle for Engagement - and What That Means for the Diagnostics Industry”.  Click here to read the article

The Halteres Associates video production team has wrapped another video production project! Many clients have asked what exactly goes into a day on set, so here is a peek behind the scenes!   learn more

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